Hagström Beluga II Bass, Bathos Blue -09 #M09022153 beg. (Stockholm)

Very good condition, no fret wear. One large (4-5 cm) ding on the lower bout as well as some smaller ones all over the body, from online: ”Faithful to all Hagstrom instruments - the Beluga II bass has a very fast and easy playing neck with their patented H-Expander truss rod and Resonator Fingerboard wood composite. This model has some unique features. The pickups are active Alnico V humbuckers that are switchable into a variety of combinations via the 6 way rotary switch. The EQ is setup with a dual stacked Treble/Bass control and a dual stacked Mid/Sweep control. The bass is switchable from active to passive operation with the switch on the back of the bass. That means if your battery dies in the middle of the gig - just flip the switch and you are instantly up and running in passive mode. The tonal variety you get between active/passive, the 6 way rotary selector and the EQ section is very impressive. Combining the limitless tonal possibilities with the silky smooth playability - you get a bass that punches far above its weight! SPECS Carved Ash Body Canadian Maple Neck Resonator Fingerboard H-Expander Truss Rod 34" Scale Black Tusq Nut 6 way rotary pickup selector switch Switch selectable active/passive mode Dual Alnico V Humbuckers Stacked Treble/Bass EQ Stacked Mid/Sweep EQ Deep neck rocket with 6 bolts Extreme upper fret access design Easy Access battery compartment”

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